punishment and sadness

For eight hours a day I sit in a broken chair and watch people. I get 2 15 minute breaks and 1 30 minute break. I don’t get to interact with people other than give some directions and hopefully have a short conversation with the person at the other exit station, who gets to rotate every 30 minutes. And don’t dare to ask for something else, even though they have copies of your doctor’s notes, they can’t remember that you can’t stand for more than 10 minutes, not to bother remembering that you’ve a FMLA for severe back problems and a work comp case for a damaged shoulder.

I would be perfectly happy in front of a keyboard and doing perfectly inane things but the gods that run the agency or at least this airport say sorry you aren’t a perfect employee ( but i did pass my proficiency check so what does that mean?) so you stay where you are seated.

And on top of everything else it makes me sad. I would just like to have something to be useful to do.

In vino veritas…..except this is in pharmaceutical veritas.


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