Fire Fire Fire

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to see the fires all around in the hills and sit down here in the flats and pray for your friends and coworkers who may have lost their homes. There is a fire close to here, 15 miles away. I called a friend but he hasn’t called back.

Have another 3 days off thanks to the back going bad, yesterday I had a Toradol shot and a flu shot. I am going to get the ice pack out and use it. Thank God I can use the FMLA and not get dinged for the absence. Of course this is the same agency that denied my doctor’s request to wear a jacket at the exit. Gotta wonder don’t you?

Now they are asking reporters to leave a mobile home park that reporters have used as a staging area in Sylmar. It’s a crime scene. If someone set this fire I have no sympathy for them. Let them suffer.

Husband has gone to the other side of the mts to go gold prospecting. The active fire is about 45 miles from where he is. I can’t get ahold of him and he didn’t take his phone charger with him. Going to be anxiety for a while.

Monday I get to bid for a new shift. We shall see. All I can do is sit at an exit so what difference is it? People who work shifts are pissy that light duty can bid. They’ve taken everything else away from us, so this is one way to keep our dignity. Because there is none left. This is one thing that a great many people don’t care about===

I’ll keep posting on the new medical degree of the primary terminal manager who has denied my doctor’s request for me to wear a jacket at night. If it causes back spasms and makes my shoulder spasm too we’ll start talking greivance.

Bye from the bunny………

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