I’m still here

Been sick again, arm is in constant spasm and the flu visited me with aches, aches, headaches and just wonder why the flu shot didn’t work. Of course the money thing sucks too.

Back to the house. The kids bought a tree and the dad set it up. It’s nice. I wanted a live tree and they got a cut tree. But mom it’s live, I said where is it connected to dirt? They bad. But they did okay.

Got through 2 funerals in 5 days. Well death is a part of life isn’t it? The first one was the hardest. The second one was completely planned out. The Pastor said he thought if she could have she would have written her own homily. I will miss them both. But I hope that Selma found her perfect kitchen in heaven.

Can’t say much more.
Da bunny is tired, hurting, and needs her rest.

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