wednesday wonderings

Ah, I’m being wise I guess.

Nah, I just ate some good veggies and some meat thrown on the grill after marinating. I need to renew the Costco card, because their meat is the best. This was okay, but not awesome. The vegetables were however wonderful.


I was down today. Still am. Been on the edge of the precipice of a panic attack. Didn’t sleep well last night and I hope tonight will be better. Noises don’t usually bother me, but last night I was up at 230, 430, 630 and then the phone rang at 0755. Strange dreams too. Just don’t know what is going on. Hopefully tonight will be a better night.

Did my shopping today and I am not going anywhere tomorrow. I’m staying home and trying to get some things done. My great commission is to do something good for the house. I am also going to tell my son that no guests tomorrow.

Not much else in the bunny files today.
Here’s a word for the wise:
Give us grateful hearts, O Father,
for all thy mercies, and
make us mindful of the needs of others;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Peace. Out.

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