Just another Sunday Something

I am still slogging through my essay for the grad program. At 57 the neurons are a bit fuzzy and need to be perked up I guess. I will finish it tonight and have it ready to mail tomorrow. Then it’s just sit and wait to see what happens. If I complete this course I can teach college courses which has always been my dream.

Making brats and baked beans tonight. Have to start par boiling them about 1630 for a 1830 BBQ. I don’t have any onions so I may have to run to the market and pick some up and maybe some potato salad or macaroni salad. I love macaroni salad with brats. Odd I know. If I was ambitious I’d make some German Potato Salad. Not ambitious. Just hungry.

The errant husband woke up with a horrible back ache. I gave him a pain pill and a muscle relaxer and he’s better now. He went to bed last night at 1800 and slept pretty much through the night. He’s better now. I think he has some time to decompress. It was pretty much go go go while he was on TDY.

Not so much else going on. Just glad that we are all home and happy.

da buuny

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