Seige Hero Bah Humbug

So I’ve been trying to play this damn game on my Itouch and I am stymied. Not as badly as Angry Birds, which i’ve given over to my husband when he is the passenger in the car, I just can’t find the rhythm to win. I’ll get it some day, just as I will figure out how to play it.

We have lit a fire tonight and it’s giving us a little grief. The wood is really hard and unlike at our other house where we had a gas hookup and could light any fire, this one has to be done by hand. It’s nice to have it though. Even though next week we’ll have temps in the 100’s, tonight it’s already in the low 60’s. What can I say? I really like cooler weather, though snow and ice aren’t my thing.

And just to be kind, I’m going to throw in Edmund the ITouch’s Saturday night Shuffle. Usually do it on Fridays, but last night we were at a meet and greet, eating free food and drinking free drinks. Quite unusual in these days of austerity. 

  1. Elgar: String Quartet in E Minor                            Elgar, A Celebration
  2. That’s It, I Quit, I’m Moving On                            Adele
  3. Stay With Me                                                         Rod Stewart and the Small Faces
  4. The Loner/ Cinnamon Girl/Down By The River        Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
  5. Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)                  The Hollies
  6. The Thrill is Gone                                                   B.B. King & Eric Clapton
  7. You Give Love A Bad Name                                 Bon Jovi
  8. Don’t Look Back                                                     Boston
  9. Put Your Lights On                                                 Santana featuring Everlast
  10. Walkin’ in Jerusalem                                                Ricky Skaggs


So enjoy your weekend !

Go Packers!  

Amulbunny. The Original Since 1993. 

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